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ATTI applies the expertise of its personnel optimally by giving appropriate and practical training on a continuous basis, in accordance to the needs and requirements of local customers and businesses, to ensure the constant employment and upliftment of the community.

ATTI supports the career and personal development of our learners in every decision we make. We value and support one another in a process of continuous learning and improvement.

We have created a positive environment for effective learning and we value the diverse profiles of our learners. Our training methodology is characterised by knowledgeable and enthusiastic lecturers, training strategies that suit learner needs and an atmosphere of dignity and mutual respect.

ATTI is accountable to our learners, our community and our country for the quality of the learning experiences we provide, for the resources we use and for the manner in which we treat all people. We welcome feedback from our clients so that we can improve continuously.

We nurture excellence in our students and employees by providing an equitable foundation that values their experiences and unique needs. We engage and support learners in attaining clear, high standards so that they emerge from ATTI better positioned to succeed in the classroom or workplace.

We pursue excellence as a training provider through innovation, applied research, critical analysis, consistency and diversity. We offer a distinctive online learning experience that aligns to national and international standards. We are committed to creating communities of learning through reflective practice, continuous improvement and lifelong learning.

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