Learning, how to stay motivated?

Learning is an ongoing process, there’s never an end to it, but what’s important is to not lose hope and stay highly motivated during the process.

Learning, how to stay motivated?

Motivation is of two sorts; internal and external. Internal motivation is when you feel good about a particular thing whereas external motivation is when you look at the rewards you are getting from a particular thing. Both are equally important. Find the right type of motivation for yourself and begin!

For those who are studying and learning about computers, know how difficult it can be but with the right help you should get the hang of it. Let’s see how you can keep yourself motivated during your learning process.

Start Small and Celebrate the Little Things

Learning computer stuff is easy – said no one ever. There is so much to learn when it comes to computers but what matters is that if you are into it you can always achieve what you want. What you need to do is start from the basics. Once you have gotten the hang of it pat yourself on the back and move on to the next thing. Don’t directly jump to the advanced levels and land yourself into problems. Taking things slowly and building concepts is the key to success.

Keep a Collection of your Work

Once you start building things, start keeping a track of it. Whenever you feel there’s lack of motivation or interest, you can always look back and refer to your portfolio to see how far you have come. Don’t just keep a collection of your work only for the purpose of building a career out of it but for yourself too, to see what you have accomplished until now.

Maintain a Balance

Computer geeks need to understand that there is a life beyond your computer. Taking a break from work is a must. Sometimes working on the same issue and spending hours and hours on it without any outcome makes you frustrated, stressful and can eventually lead to burnout. Go out, spend some time with your friends or family, relax your mind and then start again.

Imagine the Results

Do you realize that learning computer skills can increase your worth? Well, if you find that overwhelming I don’t think there’s any other reason you need to find to keep yourself motivated. Think about how you will feel once you accomplish your task. If athletes can use this strategy to keep themselves motivated and focused on their goals why can’t you? Focusing on what you want to achieve can be a great way to deal with the obstacles you might face on your path to success.

See the Big Picture

Often we lack motivation when we can’t see the point or reasons to “why are we even doing this?” So before you start off with making any decision it is important to ask yourself “why am I even doing this?” and “where am I heading?” Answering these questions will help you identify, focus, gain clarity and push you into taking an action.

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