Why video is the best for elearning?

Suppose you are a computer student and are having difficulties in let’s say some sort of coding or simply using a specific type of application software, what are you going to do?

Why video is the best for elearning?

Ask help from your friends or someone who has a knowhow of it? What if they are not available or do not have sufficient knowledge about? Where do you go? I can bet the next thing that hits your mind is to do a computer coursel. There are many ways to make your learning process interactive and engaging, elearning are one of them. People love watching videos more than going for the option of reading stuff which is why majority of us will go to the screen. Let’s find out why video is the best source for ELearning.

Reduces Cognitive Load

Think again about getting stuck in some computer related problem. Do you find reading a draft on it more convenient or watching a demo video? Video for sure. Watching videos is one of the most engaging and relaxing ways to learn stuff, especially when the viewers are more relaxed they retain information quickly.

Promotes Different View Points

Viewing online videos encourages online discussions and different viewpoints of people by adding their personal insights. Gathering different ideas of people allow you to learn better and give you a unique idea for your work.


Videos are short and precise. Their aim is to focus on “to the point” information that helps the viewers to learn and retain more from it. Whereas, when it comes to reading, readers get distracted and might not give their full attention to the text. Videos contain short chunks of information that are easily memorable than a text and can easily be absorbed

Easy to Access

The best part about video lectures are that they are easy to access anywhere anytime. With video lectures, you can learn anywhere from your mobile devices, laptops, smartphones or tablets. Having easy access to them, allows in watching the videos untill you grasp the concept. In other words, you can say that having access to videos gives you a control over your learning pace.

Animations to Communicate Video Concepts

Some material is either too large or abstract to be communicated normally. When using videos as a source of learning, these concepts can be communicated visually through 2D or 3D animations. They also help in making your learning fun and informative.

Satisfies Multiple Learning Styles

Video provides the opportunity to satisfy a range of learning styles. Voiceover attracts those who are auditory learners while text attracts those who prefer reading. For kinesthetic learners, demo videos can prompt learners to try the skill while watching the video. All bases and learning styles are covered with watching a video.

Micro Learning

Today, almost everyone avoids long duration modules that focus on several objectives. They have shifted from the detailed learning to an approach of micro learning that comprises of concise learning information such as web resources, applications and videos.

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