Please contact your system administrator so that they can identify if there is something wrong with your account or to find out if the system is down for maintenance.

Your login details may not be shared with anyone and you can only be used on one device at a time. It is important to logout at the end of a session if you are planning on logging in on another computer or device. Failure to do so will result in your account being locked for 10 minutes. Please contact your system administrator so that they can end any active connections if your session was ended due to unforeseen circumstances.

This message is only for users that are using our multi user or white label solution.Every licensee purchased a license to accept a certain number of concurrent connections say for instance 10. They can have more registered users but only 10 of those users in this case can access the server at one time. Please try logging in again at another time or if this is frequently happening take up the matter with your server administrator so that they can be aware of the situation.

When you stream in HD you will need a good internet connection in order for you to have a smooth stream. Alternatively you can try streamin at a lower resolution like 720p or even lower if full HD is a problem for your in ternet connection.

Make sure that you speakers or headphones are connected to the computer. Make sure that there is not a little x on the speaker icon on your video as well as your taskbar. Try rebooting your pc.

At the bottom of each video you will find a section where users can discuss that particular video or ask for help if they need extra information or they are maybe struggling to grasp a concept.

We want to reward users that complete a full course and upon completion of a course, the transcript and a certificate can be requested. This certificate is not recognised by any organisation or other authority and currently we offer no certification programs. This is more of a certificates of completion program and is not the same as a degree program or a software certification programs, and it is very important that it is not confused with such.

Users can however apply the knowledge and skills they have learned to prepare for various forms of assessment and certification.


Sample Certificate

Concurrent users are easily defined as how many people are using the video learning library at any one time. It isn't simply how many users are registered in the system, because not all of them are likely to be on the video learning library at once.

Concurrent users means, if you have 40 learners who might use the system, but when you buy a 10 concurrent user license, only 10 can log in at the exact same time. You cannot have more than 10 LOGGED ON at any one time. The 10 may or may not be actually doing anything actively, but if they are LOGGED ON then generally they are IN the count of concurrent users for License management purposes. The concurrent user model is preferred by many customers as they feel they are getting a little bonus by purchasing, say, 10 concurrent users, when they may have 40 people set up on the system.

If there is no one available on the livechat please visit the "Contact Us" page and select Support from the drop down menu. You can also attach a printscreen or use the snipping tool to provide us with a screenshot of the specific error.

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