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Microsoft Outlook 2016 Online Course

Hi, my name is Frans and I am your Regional Account Manager for ATTI Online Learning in South Africa. My role is to look at simple, and effective ways to develop your Outlook skills using our step-by-step online video tutorials.

If you are worried that you might be to old to learn about computers or fear that you might not be able to do this, then I want to reassure you that if you are serious about this we are commited to helping you learn.

We have trained thousands of people from all walks of life, every sector, every industry and every age group. We are very passionate about training and to me it is extremely satisfying to help a person grow and see them master a computer course like Microsoft Office.

Online courses require a much more self-motivated learning style than traditional classes and for some the first online learning experience can be a little intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, I promise you, you will do fine.

In this online course with the help of our video tutorials you will learn everything you need to know to be proficient in Microsoft Outlook 2016. In this course, we will show you how to use Microsoft Outlook 2016 to manage your email communications. We will be looking at composing, reading, and responding to emails, schedule appointments and meetings, manage contact information, schedule tasks and create notes, customise message response options; and organise your mail.

Microsoft Outlook is not only used for sending and receiving messages and attachments but it is also used as a personal information manager.

The Outlook Calendar feature is used to create appointments and events, while you can also create and track tasks in Outlook until they are completed.

The Microsoft Outlook contact manager enables users to easily store and find contact information, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers. You can also use notes in Outlook as an electronic replacement for paper sticky notes.

Microsoft Outlook Target Audience

This course is intended for delegates who want to learn the fundamentals skills of working with Microsoft Outlook 2016, such as receiving, arranging, creating and sending of mail as well as working with contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.

The course then moves on to cover some of the more advanced features such as backup and restore.

On successful completion of the course learners will receive an attendance certificate as well as a transcript on what was covered.

Learners can also assess their outlook skills with the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification at approved Certiport Testing Centres all over the country. The Microsoft Office Specialist Certification is optional and the fees for the excel certification might differ between the testing centers.

Microsoft Outlook Training Methodology

This outlook online course is modular and each module consists of short video tutorials between 3 and 10 minutes long. In certain cases, some outlook videos might exceed 10 minutes due to the nature of the lesson.

The facilitator will demonstrate on their screen step by step a feature or function during each outlook tutorial and if necessary, have created sample exercise files that you can download, so that you can follow along and see if you can apply and understand what was covered in the video lesson.

Microsoft Outlook Course Contents


  • Getting familiar with the Outlook interface
  • Explore and customise the status and navigation bar
  • Add, remove and synch an email account
  • Manually adding an IMAP (Gmail or POP account
  • Syncing incoming and outgoing email
  • Connecting OneDrive to Outlook

Receiving Mail

  • Reading your email
  • Customize and explore different views
  • Working with file attachments
  • Searching sent and received emails
  • Creating a search folder
  • Flagging spam emails as junk
  • Using search and filter options

Organize and Arrange Mail

  • Using conditional formatting to distinguish emails
  • Categorizing emails and creating flags
  • Sort and Organize mail using folders
  • Using Quick Steps to control messages
  • Using mail rules to control messages
  • Archive and clean mailbox



Creating and Sending Mail

  • Compose a new email message
  • Replying to and forwarding a received message
  • Formatting a message
  • Creating voting buttons in a message
  • Adding a signature
  • Exploring delivery options
  • Creating personal stationery
  • Exploring other mail settings

Managing Contacts and User Access

  • Working with and exploring the People hub
  • Creating a new contact
  • Creating a new contact group
  • Categories and favourites
  • Create and edit folders and groups



Calendar, Tasks and Notes

  • Quick overview of the calendar
  • Explore and customize views
  • Creating a new appointment
  • Creating a new meeting
  • Manage and Update meeting
  • Handling meeting requests
  • Emailing and printing a calendar
  • Create and switch between calendars
  • Creating more than one calendar
  • Changing the calendar options
  • Overview of tasks
  • Create and follow up on tasks
  • Create and customize notes

Backup, Restore and Advanced Options

  • Backup and export Outlook files
  • Creating Quick Parts
  • Changing general Outlook options

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