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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Online Course

Hi, my name is Frans and I am your Regional Account Manager for ATTI Online Learning in South Africa. My role is to look at simple, and effective ways to develop your PowerPoint skills using our step-by-step online video tutorials.

If you are worried that you might be to old to learn about computers or fear that you might not be able to do this, then I want to reassure you that if you are serious about this we are commited to helping you learn.

We have trained thousands of people from all walks of life, every sector, every industry and every age group. We are very passionate about training and to me it is extremely satisfying to help a person grow and see them master a computer course like Microsoft Office.

Online courses require a much more self-motivated learning style than traditional classes and for some the first online learning experience can be a little intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, I promise you, you will do fine.

In this online course with the help of our video tutorials you will learn everything you need to know to be proficient in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

Since Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 a person ensured that they grab and maintain their audience's focus when asked to create and present important information in the ppt format. From Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 to Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 we have not noticed any major changes in terms of the interface, only a few new features.

In this Microsoft PowerPoint Online course you will learn how to use PowerPoint to create engaging visual presentations. We will look at the vast array of features and functionality contained within Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. We will look at organising content as well as enhancing it with high-impact visuals allowing you to deliver dynamic multimedia presentations.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 is here to help you create, share, and co-author powerful presentations.With new features—including modern chart types, screen recordings, and the Microsoft Office Mix add-in with enhanced screen recording functionality—PowerPoint 2016 allows you to bring your presentations to a whole new level.

Microsoft PowerPoint Target Audience

This course is intended for delegates who want to learn the fundamental skills of working with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, such as creating, editing, and formatting documents, inserting and formatting tables and creating charts, using multimedia and animation and employing a variety of techniques for improving the appearance of a PowerPoint presentation.

On successful completion of the course learners will receive an attendance certificate as well as a transcript on what was covered.

Learners can also assess their powerpoint skills with the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification at approved Certiport Testing Centres all over the country. The Microsoft Office Specialist Certification is optional and the fees for the excel certification might differ between the testing centers.

Microsoft PowerPoint Training Methodology

This powerpoint online course is modular and each module consists of short video tutorials between 3 and 10 minutes long. In certain cases, some powerpoint videos might exceed 10 minutes due to the nature of the lesson.

The facilitator will demonstrate on their screen step by step a feature or function during each powerpoint tutorial and if necessary, have created sample exercise files that you can download, so that you can follow along and see if you can apply and understand what was covered in the video lesson.

Microsoft PowerPoint Course Content

Fundamentals and Exploring the workspace

  • Exploring the PowerPoint interface
  • Outline View, Slide Sorter, Notes Page, Reading view, Enable/disable the ruler, gridlines and guides, Change the colour of your slides)
  • Sign in with Microsoft Account and Link OneDrive to PowerPoint)
  • Create a new blank presentation, add content, new slides and save the presentation)
  • Creating a new presentation from a theme or template and use placeholder text)
  • Changing and customizing themes)
  • Changing the master slides)
  • Insert data into the header and footer)
  • Using the Backstage view

Working with Slides

  • Add and remove slides, pictures to slides and change the layout)
  • Use and create custom layouts, add placeholders)
  • Slide sorter view, adding sections and header slides, importing slides from other presentation)
  • Rearrange slides)

Using Images in Slides

  • Add pictures, use placeholders and change the background of a slide)
  • Using guidelines to align pictures)
  • Customize pictures, remove backgrounds, do corrections and add artistic effects)
  • Change the stacking order of pictures)
  • Change the order of pictures
  • Use the eyedropper tool to change text and background colors



Working with content

  • Insert, customize and indent list using bullets and numbers)
  • Explore and add content on Outline mode)
  • Overview of Outline Mode
  • Convert text to word art and add effects)
  • Insert, move and duplicate textboxes in a slide)
  • Insert a table, data and change the style and layout)
  • Use Smart Lookup and translate text)

Working with shapes and charts

  • Add different shapes and change them)
  • Changing shape styles, adding effects and formatting shapes)
  • Crop a picture into a shape)
  • Move, Merge, Duplicate and Group shapes together)
  • Insert, format charts and designs, import chart from an excel spreadsheet)
  • Insert, change the layout and design of SmartArt)
  • Explore and use Equation tools)

Using multimedia and Animation

  • Insert and style videos from YouTube)
  • Overview of video playback options)
  • Record audio and explore audio options)
  • Add and edit slide transitions)
  • Apply animation to enhance your presentation)



Planning the Presentation

  • Adding speaker notes to slides)
  • Print and configure printing options of print handouts)
  • Plan and use the Rehearse Timings function)
  • Adding and viewing comments on a slide)
  • Accept and Reject changes, merging 2 presentations and save a final copy

Present Your Presentation

  • Turning recorded timings off and viewing the slideshow)
  • Open and navigate the presenter view)
  • Opening the presenter view
  • Tools to enhance your presentation)
  • Creating and setting up an unattended slideshow using kiosk function

Reusing and Sharing Presentations

  • Setting up and Creating a custom show)
  • Inspecting and remove information in a presentation)
  • Choose a slide or presentation to save as a template)
  • Configure printer options and print a presentation)
  • Add and Remove narration and timings to a slide show)
  • Configure video and audio settings and export as video)
  • Exporting and view the presentation as a PDF or JPEG)
  • Explore sharing options and saving and sharing using One Drive)
  • Start, Share and end an online presentation)

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